April 4, 2024

A non-traditional approach: Firefighter training talks air preservation with controlled breathing

Discover a non-traditional approach to firefighter training focusing on air preservation through controlled breathing. Explore how this technique enhances firefighter safety and effectiveness in emergency situations.

MERIDIAN — Firefighters are more likely to be diagnosed with and die from cancer.

That’s why departments from all over Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington and other states came to Meridian this week for the Firefighter Air Coalition’s training about how to manage air and avoid exposure to toxins and carcinogens, and “fundamental elements of managing air during fireground operations, physiological resiliency while on compressed air, tactics and operations in high rise and big box structures, and technology to support all of these,” according to a news release.

Meridian Fire does not keep records of how many of its firefighters over the years have been diagnosed with or died from cancer.

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